Kuchenprofi Turkish Foam Cup, 700ml


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He crowns a sumptuous meal and evokes memories of lively bazaars with innumerable smells. A Turkish mocha invigorates the senses. KÜCHENPROFI starts your culinary journey with the Turkish Mocca frothing cup. Measure water with mocha cups and place in the stainless steel cup. Add one teaspoon of powdered Turkish mocha and at least one teaspoon of sugar per cup. Heat the mixture slowly with constant stirring on the stove top, your gas or ceramic hob, until the sugar has dissolved. When the coffee starts cooking, foam forms on the surface. Take the frothing cup just before the stove and scoop a spoonful of the foam into each cup. Then cook the coffee again briefly and serve it. Tip: Pour obliquely to keep the foam at the top.

  • traditional enjoyment
  • sturdy stainless steel
  • Electric, gas and ceramic hob
  • available in three different sizes

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