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Plantec Coffee Estate (P) Ltd., the supplier of our Nepal Mount Everest Supreme beans, was one of many businesses affected by the recent earthquake disaster in Nepal. Fortunately, no lives were lost but material damage has been significant. We are striving to sell as many of their beans as possible, as new orders for supply will help their business going forward. To support Plantec with a direct donation, please contact them at

These 100% Arabica beans come from not just the only plantation in Nepal and the Himalayas but also the northernmost coffee plantation in the entire northern hemisphere. All the beans are organically grown using natural fertilizers on completely reforested land. The plantation owners are strong advocates of environmental initiatives, contributing to such programs as reforestation, soil conservation and preservation of natural habitats. As a result of such programs, animals such as deer, leopard, jackals and migratory birds have returned to the area after years of having vanished. The beans are shade-grown, wet-processed washed in cold Himalyan river water from the Ganesh Himal Mountain Range sun-dried and hand-sorted. The beans are then stored in hand-stitched jute bags with screen print. Growing high-quality, organic coffee in an environmentally-sound manner is just one aspect of this plantation. Because it's in a economically isolated and under-developed region, the plantation has helped create new jobs and bring in much-needed foreign currency for residents. This international trade has helped support a Primary and Secondary school in the plantation's vicinity. It's also contributed to establishing a vibrant local economy, as the plantation buys compost from small farmers during their off-season.

This coffee has an excellent flavor and a light body.
Roasting requirements: Medium to Full roast

Comments: "The Nepalese is like a perfect friendship - no wrong notes, everything in deep concord. It is a full and complex flavour, embellished with light notes of honey and caramel, extraordinarily well balanced all across the tongue, lightly astringent, with just enough acidity to make it interesting."

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