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Roasted - Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic SHG EP


Sold out. Fresh shipment expected soon

About the bean:

Most Nicaraguan coffee is shade grown. The highest grade is Strictly High Grown, as per this week's offering, which comes from the CORCASAN cooperative in beautiful San Juan del Rio Coco, located in Nicaragua's mountainous north. Founded in 1978, and known for their commitment to organic practices and plant diversity, CORCASAN is a group of 212 producers, 47 of which are women.

Less acidic than other Central American offerings, coffee from Nicaragua is wet-processed, typically well-balanced, smooth yet bright, and rich with subtle flavours - these are often described as nutty with a lingering note of vanilla.

What you can expect from our Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic SHG EP - a well-rounded cup, full body, sweet and fruity. High acidity. Pleasant aftertaste. A honey-like aroma.

For an explanation of our different roast, see here:

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