Office Contract


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For $150 a month, we provide 10 pounds of freshly roasted gourmet coffees — a minimum of four varieties per month.

We can ship your orders accordingly to whatever schedule you prefer. Our recommendation is a fresh shipment every 7-10 days. Shipping costs are your responsibility. We can also supply you with a grinder to use for the duration of your contract with us. The contract minimum being three months.

We will endeavour to accommodate your coffee requests, if you have any. We will otherwise provide you with a selection of freshly roasted gourmet coffees — a minimum of four varieties per month. You choose the roasting preference from a selection of six options:

Premium coffee choices, such as Jamaican Blue Mountain, incur extra costs:

Substitute 1 lb of Jamaican Blue Mountain in the monthly mix: Add $100

Serve Jamaican Blue Mountain exclusively: $1000/month

You can pay your contract invoice in full up-front or leave your billing details with us for pre-payment each month.

Contact for more information.

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