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About the beans

These beans come to us from the Don Vicente Estate, located in Panama's ancient Volcan Barú region, in an area once occupied by the now extinct pre-Colombian Barriles culture.

Four generations of the Yanguez family have farmed here, dating back to 1930 when they first arrived from Spain. Their prize-winning varieties are grown beneath a canopy of native forest cover at 1,300 m above sea level.

Panama coffees are very sought after and frequently win awards.

A soft and sweet bean with a caramel aftertaste. Suits the wallet and a variety of brew methods. 

Quick Notes

Score: 85.3 (out of 100 points; over 85 considered excellent)
Varieties: Bourbon, caturra
Altitude: 1,300 masl.
Process: Sun dried and later mechanically dried. Given 60 days rest (permits carbon dioxide to escape; results in a more balanced, sweeter coffee).

Taste Test

Full City roast brewed in an Aeropress:
For those of you not acquainted with the Aeropress Coffee and Espresso Maker, see here (it's a gem). We enjoyed a perfect, soft body and a balanced citrus brightness (medium to low acidity); a clean and sweet coffee overall. A memorable finish delivered a pure caramel aftertaste - such pleasure!

City roast brewed in a French press:
We would typically opt for a ratio of 1:15 of coffee to water for the French press (for every 1 gram of coffee, add 15 grams of water). Instead, we went for a 1:12 ratio and the urge paid off: impressive! At this roast profile and ratio, we savoured a strong coffee, nicely balanced, with more citrus notes complemented by a hazelnut, caramel underlay that was quite delicious.

Roast recommendation: Medium to dark. 

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