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About the bean

Our coffee from Peru is one of our most popular offerings. Often described as mild in character and a good bean for blends, coffee from Peru nevertheless varies depending on the region it is from.

Our Peru SHB Organic is sourced from the wonderful Norandino Cooperative in northern Peru. Founded in 1995 by 200 coffee farmers, Norandino now represents thousands of smallholder growers and has diversified into other crops – it has become particularly well known for its organic cocoa.

What to expect

We taste tested both a Full City and City roast profile. The City was the favourite and tasted just as we expected: a sweet and fruity medium-bodied coffee with notes of orange and a nutty, milk chocolate aroma. We gained more chocolatey notes with the Full City roast and a flavour that brought to mind sweet popcorn. The fruit was delicate at this level. Overall, a great morning cup of joe; pairs well with food.

Process: Fully washed and sun dried
Harvest: July - December (long and late!)
Region: Cajamarca, northern Peru
Source: Norandino Co-op

Roasting recommendation: City - literally, the sweet spot! For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

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