Roasted - African Sampler


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Coffee from Africa is a delight, typically exhibiting fruity and floral notes and an acidity (brightness) in the medium to high range.

The Green Beanery Roasted Africa Sampler brings together Ethiopian Yirgacheffe and Kenya AB; two beans that exemplify the typical character of an African bean.

The third bean, Tanzania Peaberry, offers a different taste profile (enjoyably intense) and is usually recommended as a darker roast.

A creamy, fruity Congo is the fourth bean and serves as the bridge between the first two and the Tanzanian.

Enjoy the spectrum of African coffee varieties with this lovely sampler.

Our bean samplers are roasted according to the recommended roast profile of each bean included in this sampler offer. See below.

Recommended roast profiles:

Ethiopian Yirgacheffe - American roast
Kenya AB - City roast
Congo - Full City roast
Tanzania Peaberry - Vienna roast

For more information about our roast profiles, see here:

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