Roasted - Bali Vintage Klasik


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About the bean

An unusual and delicious Balinese coffee that is really quite rare to find.

What's especially notable about this offering is the way it's been processed. In a departure from the "giling basah" (wet hulled) method Indonesia is well known for, some Balinese farmers have returned to a very traditional way of all-dry processing. Coffee cherries are simply left to dry in the sun, which gives beans a distinctive character - fruity, fermented, sweet and earthy.

Coffee from Indonesia is typically full-bodied and sweet and coffee from Bali is sweeter than that, often distinguished by nutty, citrus notes.

What you can expect

A creamy body, intense aroma, high acidity. Sweet. Caramel notes with a nutty finish. Complex and lovely.

Nice for drip brews, French press, and makes a great cold brew. Savour without additives to enjoy this offering's specialness.

Cupping Notes and Scores

Species: Arabica
Process: Fully washed and dry hulled
Altitude: 1,000 and 1,200 masl.
Acidity: 8.4 (out of 10)
Flavour: 8.3
Body: 8.4
Aftertaste: 8.2
Uniformity: 10
Clean cup: 10
Sweetness: 10
Defect points: 0

Roasting Recommendation: Medium to dark, or light. Something to offer across the spectrum. Refer to our roasting guide here.

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