Roasted - Brazilian Peaberry


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About the bean

Our new BRA-PEA is a microlot created especially for us by our former in-house beans expert, Priscila Fonseca, who currently lives and works in Canada helping to establish market access here for growers in Brazil (in particular, her family's farm and their neighbours).

This peaberry, with its pronounced full body and chocolate character, makes an ideal pick for espresso; which is the grand assignment we dedicate our Brazilian peaberries to and the heart of our former in-store cafe operation.

Expect a slight malt taste, strong crema; clean in the cup with a sweet centre.

A versatile peaberry prized for its espresso impresso, this bean also suits a lighter roast. A great match for brew methods that amp up body. Cleaner options such as Chemex will accentuate sweetness.

Farm:  Fazenda da Serra 
Producers: Danielle Fonseca (pictured in the slideshow with her sister Priscila)
Region: Sul de Minas
Sub-region: Santana da Vargem
Community: Serras de Minas Group
Process: Natural
Altitude: 900 masl.
Varietals: Mundo Novo, Red Catuai
Screen Size: 15+ Peaberry separation
Drying Method: Sun-dried
Grain PRO: Yes
Direct Trade: Yes (bought directly from the farmer)

Cupping Notes: Chocolate, caramel, malt, creamy, citric, dense body

Roast Recommendation: However you like your espresso or espresso-based drinks. An oily bean if roasted too dark (peaberries are smaller and oils appear faster). Go lighter for malt notes and citrus complexity (good for folks wanting to reduce acidity). For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: