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About the bean

Kefa/Kaffa is reputed to be the botanical birthplace of Coffea arabica. It was here in 9th century AD that Ethiopian goat herder Kaldi observed friskiness in his flock after consuming a local shrub: later identified as coffee cherries. This led to experimentation on the part of Kaldi and the rest is coffee legend. 

Coffee from Ethiopia is a treat for fans of bright, complex and fruity coffees.

What to expect

Aromatic, bright and sweet with a complex finish.

This coffee is from a micro-lot produced in limited quantities grown in the Tallo district by a relatively new family operated plantation. GR1 indicates the highest grade and, in this case, translates to 0-4 defects per pound, which is very unusual (and good) for beans from Ethiopia. Naturally processed* coffee, like this one, can be wild in the cup which increases flavour but somewhat at the detriment of consistency at times. This batch of Kaffa is a winner on both counts.

We opted to taste test the Kaffa as an American and Full City roast. The lighter American proffered a mellow, very balanced, almost perfect cup with a mild, juicy guava-like underlay. At Full City, body increased as the floral notes slightly diminished but a kick definitely remained - an excellent combination for espresso.

Serve to preference.

Roasting recommendation: Medium. Go lighter to savour the taste notes; darker to enjoy a special espresso. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:


Species: Arabica
Category: Single Origin
Grade: 1 / 2017 crop
Altitude: 1650 m
Process: Pulped Natural (dry-processed)
Certified: Humaniterra Foundation

*Pulped Natural (dry-processed) coffees are predominant in countries where water is often scarce. Coffee cherries are picked, cleaned and laid out on patios to dry for up to four weeks,  continuously raked all the while to ensure they dry evenly. Once the desired level of moisture is reached, the hulling process begins. Hulling removes the parchment layer (or endocarp) that surrounds the dried cherry. The resulting beans are then graded, sorted and bagged. perated plantation. Beans here are carefully handpicked and sorted.

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