Roasted - Indian Robusta Parchment Kaapi Royale SC17 (1 lb.)


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About the bean

When we taste tested our Indian Robusta Parchment Kaapi Royale SC17, it took us back to the basics of why we like coffee so much: the caffeine! Robustas typically contain twice the caffeine (and antioxidants) of arabica beans and the more we sipped of this one, the more we liked it. Caffeine is great!

Our robusta Kaapi Royale is prepared from the re-sorting of washed Robusta Parchment AB. The result is a screen 17 bean without defects. Kaapi Royale produces a more uniform roast than Parchment AB and softens and mellows with age.

High-quality washed robustas like this one are great in espresso blends and are often used to fortify milk-based espresso drinks and extend, in particular, Italian-style blends. Robusta beans also help to maintain an ample crema and Kaapi Royale is known for its special oomph in this regard.

Process: Wet method
Altitude: 500-1000 masl.
Species: Robusta
Harvest: January to March

What to expect: This pick carries a bitter, burnt wood, earthy flavour. Full body and a soft and smooth aftertaste.

Roasting Recommendation:
Can go the spectrum but is usually best roasted dark. Full City+. This one needs a lot of rest after roasting, as much as four days or more. Refer to our roasting guide here.

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