Roasted - Mexican Pluma Honey Pulped

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About the bean

We're wading into 2022 with our cups held high and a new offering from the coffee legend of Mexico: Enrique López.

The force is strong in the López coffee DNA, dating back to 1910 when his aunt founded the family's first farm in Oaxaca, followed by his father in 1956. Enrique showed no interest in the biz, as children do, until after his father passed away in 2000. In the years since, this son of coffee has struck like a match to the possibilities of experimentation in Mexico, likened to culinary alchemist Heston Blumenthal for his inventive multi-sensory approach to food excellence. Similarly, Enrique has pioneered gob-smacking innovative approaches to coffee cultivation and processing and the result is beautiful coffees and a focus on agro-ecological practices that have won international recognition. Enrique's farm, Finca Chelin, is certified carbon neutral and saves 7000 tons of carbon annually. 


A pulped honey coffee such as this is a sweet affair but subtly so. A gorgeously aromatic, chocolate-toned, fruit and herb layered discovery. 

Recommended as a medium roast. Suits a variety of brew styles - clean and well balanced. Bodies up in a French press where the chocolate character gains in voice.


FARM: Finca Chelin (named after Enrique's mother)
REGION: Oaxaca, Pluma Hidalgo
ALTITUDE: 1650 masl.
PROCESS: Carbonic maceration fermentation for 72h
DRYING METHOD: Patio dried, 3 days under sunlight, 25 days shade-dried

SCORE: 88 (coffee scored 85 to 89.99 is graded excellent)

Recommended roast: Medium. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

About the process

After a 72-hour carbonic maceration fermentation in cherry stage, the pulp is removed and left to ferment overnight. The next day, it is laid out to dry on a patio for 3 days in direct sunlight. The coffee is then sun-dried beneath shade on a patio half-covered by cloth for 25 days.