Roasted - Rwanda Nyamyumba FW15+


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About the bean 

We don't enjoy lots from Rwanda that often these days but we sure do love the rich Rwandan flavour - typically, a more refined version of neighbouring Kenya and their signature bolder character.

We have never enjoyed a Rwandan bean with these flavour notes before and a cupping score so high: 87! Our supplier has given us top marks indeed for this new offering. Relish it!

In the cup

A very special bright blueberry, honey, citric acidity, silky, clean.

Roast recommendation: Light to medium-dark. For an explanation of our different roasts, see:

Fast Facts

WASHING STATION: Nyamyumba Washing Station
PRODUCERS: Smallholder farmers
FARM SIZE: 400 trees on average

REGION: Western Province
SUB-REGION: Rubacu, Nyamyumba
ALTITUDE: 1500 to 2000 masl.
BAG SIZE: 60kg

Beyond the Bean

Built in 2006, the Nyamyumba washing station can process up to 496 tons of cherry annually. Farmers who deliver cherry to this station manage 400 trees on average.

The coffee processed here is grown in nutrient-rich volcanic clay soils along the high-altitude hills of the Congo Nile Trail, stretching 227 kilometres.

The Nyamyumba section of this trail features rolling hills and views of the clear waters of Lake Kivu. The surrounding land forms part of the Gishwati National Forest.

After farmers selectively handpick the cherries, they deliver them to the Nyamyumba washing station for staff there to float and sort the coffee by hand to ensure visible defects or low-density beans are removed.