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About the beans

This blend is a blend made in-house by one of our star baristas, Mitch Beauregard [pictured with portafilters for posterity below]. Mitch's blend is named after the legendary jazz standard "Take Five" composed by Paul Desmond, and originally recorded on July 1st, 1959, in New York City, by the Dave Brubeck Quartet for their album Time Out.

We don't need to say, it's quite an honour to have your blend associated with the biggest-selling jazz track of all time. Even before taking into account that Mitch is currently enrolled in a jazz performance program, we couldn't help but think of "Take Five" when we tasted Mitch's brew.

Like its namesake, this blend delights with an overall sprightliness of elegance and movement that is likewise bright and energetic, buoyed by a great body - of taste rather than sound, in this case. Man. We love it!

The discovery

Mitch has dedicated himself to researching coffee and experimenting with combinations, so the birth of his own blend was always on the cards. It took two versions to arrive at a Take Five that fulfilled Mitch's aim to create a coffee high in sweetness, brightness and balance that would jive with any brew method. We ripped through sampling Take Five as a press pot, pourover, AeroPress and espresso and we have to agree: You did it, Mitch!  Expect notes across the sweet spectrum - lemon, agave, chocolate - a juicy mouthfeel and a very balanced cup that taps across the palate without tripping into low/earthy or harsh flavours. Note: The bag label says "espresso" but this blend suits all brew methods and is a drip brew baby at heart.

And if we can congratulate ourselves, as well, we will! Says Mitch: "I made this coffee because of Green Beanery's selection, not to augment it. I wouldn't have been able to try so many different coffees, and think so intently about what I wanted to make, if there hadn't been such a range to work with."

Roast recommendation: The lighter side. We opted for an American roast for the most part but went to a City roast for an AeroPress shot for an espresso feel (loved it here). For an explanation of our different roasts, see:

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