Roasted - Zimbabwe AA


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About the bean

Our Zimbabwe AA comes to us from the Salimba Estate in eastern Zimbabwe. Salimba Estate replants each of their fields in 7-8 year cycles to permit the harvesting of cherries from young, largely disease-free trees. Coffee here is hand-picked, washed and sun-dried.

This is a very unique offering. High in acidity and body. Notes of lemon and liquorice.

Roast recommendation: Medium. Refer to our roasting guide here.

Cupping notes

Altitude: 900 - 1,000 masl.
Variety: Catimor
Fragrance/Aroma: 8.1 (all, out of 10)
Acidity: 7.9
Flavour: 8
Body: 8.1
Balance: 8.1
Uniformity: 10
Clean cup: 10
Sweetness: 10

AA: Usually denotes the largest and most expensive screen size (screens are used to sort and grade beans by size).

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