Small Roastery Loyalty Program


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If you're a small coffee roaster, we want your business. And because we operate a small coffee roastery, too, with many of the same needs that you have, we're able to provide a wide range of services that you'll find useful, from beans to roasters, to bags.

To qualify for our Small Roastery Loyalty Program, you will need to meet a minimum purchase level of coffee over the course of a year in 50-lb, 30-lb, or 20-lb size bags. The year begins when you join the program at a cost of $1.00. Here are the initial benefits that you'll obtain (stay tuned, there will be more to come).

Free Coffee, lots of it

Many small roasteries already buy from us in bulk, to capitalize on our extremely low markups. Now, through our loyalty program, that markup drops further.

With annual purchases totaling 500 lbs or more in 50-lb, 30-lb, or 20-lb size bags , you'll get 65 lbs of coffee (3 x 20-lb bags, 1 x 5-lb)

With annual purchases totaling 750 lbs or more in 50-lb, 30-lb, or 20-lb size bags , you'll get 100 lbs of coffee (3 x 30-lb, 1 x 10 lb)

With annual purchases totaling 1000 lbs or more in 50-lb, 30-lb, or 20-lb size bags, you'll get 140 lbs of coffee (4 x 30-lb, 1 x 20-lb)

Each free bag of coffee that we provide under the loyalty program will be of a different variety, selected by us from among the coffees that you commonly ordered over the year. If you like to offer your customers a "Coffee of the Week" or an unusually wide selection of gourmet beans, we can deliver them to you in small quantities, on an as-needed basis. Buy coffee from us in 50-lb, 30-lb, or 20-lb size bags you choose. Once you've reached your annual threshold, let us know you're ready for the free coffee that you've earned through the loyalty program, and we'll include it with your next order. Please note that the customer is responsible for the cost of shipping.

Do you have a need we haven't addressed? Try us. We'd like to try to find a way to meet your needs.

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