Solis Single Cup Filter


Sold out. More stock expected soon

If you would like to replace the pressurized filters that ship with the Solis SL-70 and SL-90 espresso machines, Green Beanery now carries non-pressurized filters that will fit your portafilter perfectly. Please note, if you choose to go non-pressurized, you may enjoy some of the best espresso you will ever taste. Made in Italy.

The new deeper flat bottom design, similar to that pioneered by La Marzocco, gives you 1.5 g more capacity for a richer shot. The increased area of perforation also gives a more uniform flow-through. The basket diameter is 53 mm, so be sure to order a 53 mm tamper when shopping for a new espresso tamper. Made of stainless steel, the Solis Non-pressurized Double Cup Filter holds 11.7 grams of ground coffee.

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