Unroasted - Sulawesi (Celebes) Kalossi GR1


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About the bean

Sometimes a coffee is so consistent, there is little new to say from year to year: such is our experience with the Sulawesi, and that is a good thing.

The island of Sulawesi (formerly Celebes, the Dutch colonial name) spreads like a muscular outgrowth in the Malay archipelago - the largest group of islands in the world (sometimes referred to as the East Indies), located between mainland Indochina and Australia. Sourced from the Toraja region, the Sulawesi is processed using Indonesia's traditional Giling Basah (wet hull) method, which separates the beans from the coffee cherries directly after picking and exposes them to the environment during the drying process (said to give the beans their distinctive character). 

The discovery

The Sulawesi makes a fine standalone brew and is a great pick for fans of medium-bodied, low-acid coffee. Expect a deep, earthy complexity with a ripe fruit and dark chocolate character. You could almost call this a Thinking (Wo)man's Bean, as it's easy to picture yourself pondering the big picture with this meditative brew by your side.

Our taste test reinforced previous Sulawesi sentiments, such as: "rich, chocolatey, deep and substantial. A coffee to savour in quiet moments." We also enjoyed the Sulawesi over ice and that's how we intend to drink it from now on when the heat sets in.

Roast recommendation: Medium-dark to Dark.