Roasted - Sumatra Mandheling GR1


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About the bean:

Time for a break with a unique pick from the coffee highlands of Simalungun in northern Sumatra, where Batak clans with generations of experience produce complex, full-bodied offerings, rich in flavour and low in acidity. The end product is the result of an unusual fruit removal and drying practice called "wet hulling" or giling basah.

In Sumatra, and elsewhere in Indonesia, giling basah is used to separate beans from the coffee cherries directly after picking: a method that exposes the beans to the environment during the drying process, which some say may explain their distinctive flavour profile - a lot of body, a lot of character.

Our Cupping Adventure

Our in-house cupper, Reid, tried the Sumatra at a Full City roast. Reid found a short double shot produced delightful results. A nice, thick crema that lingered on the palette; strong body and a bright, nutty taste - most enjoyable. A floral aroma completed the dance.

Cupping Scores

Aroma: 7.5
Acidity: 7.4
Body: 7.5
Uniformity: 10
Clean Cup: 10
Sweetness: 1
Defect Points: 0

Roasting Recommendation: Medium-dark to dark. These beans retain their complex notes in darker roasts better than other beans.

For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

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