Swissgold 1 Cup Personal Drip Brewer and Permanent Coffee Filter, KF300


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Permanent 1 Cup Coffee Filter, KF300

One cup permanent filter designed for use with a mug. Easy to use! Pour grounds into the filter, place the water regulator on top, put the filter onto a mug and pour hot water into the regulator, cover with lid while brewing.

The Swissgold filter system was developed as an alternative to the paper filter to get the best tasting coffee. Due to its absorbent properties, paper removes all fats from the liquid to be filtered. This means that not only the coffee-grounds are retained, but also all the brewing colloids (flavour carriers in the coffee). On the other hand, the solids are separated purely mechanically from the liquid by the pores of the permanent filter. The solid gold plating is neutral which eliminates influences on taste. This results in an absolutely pure beverage. The genuine and original flavour of coffee and the fragrance of tea is fully preserved. By cleaning it in the dish-washer your goldfilter stays hygienically clean over years and is ready for use at any time.

Type: Filters

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