Unroasted - Tanzania AA


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About the bean

We're so happy to be expanding our offerings to include, a Tanzanian AA crop from the Hai District of Kilimanjaro.

The rich, volcanic slopes of this region are where most of the country's coffee production is focused. Compared to neighbour and established coffee star, Kenya, coffees from Tanzania are more likely to proffer an East African wildness in the cup; they're more muted than buzzy Kenya and less complex. But when a Tanzanian pops, it can definitely steal away some of that limelight and at a better price.

Quality picks are typically sourced from Tanzania's estates, which is where this coffee is from: Kibo - a farm dating back to the early 1900s known back then as Tudaley. In 1979, the farm welcomed the Queen of England! Not only did she pay a visit, she also stayed on site. Now if that doesn't say something about the beans from here!

This one suits a variety of brew methods and serving options. Roasts well darker.

Quick Notes

COUNTRY: Tanzania
REGION: Mbeya & Mbinga, Tanzania, Mt.Kilimanjaro
PRODUCER: Kibo Estate
ALTITUDE: 1500 - 1600 masl.
GRADE: AB (15, 16, 17 screen size)
CUPPING NOTES: Vibrant acidity, orange peel, citrus, cocoa, caramel


Roast Recommendation: Tick up to a darker profile. That said, we sampled the AB at a City roast and loved it. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here: http://greenbeanery.ca/pages/roasting-chart.