Technivorm Moccamaster KBG 741 AO in Red


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The Technivorm is a handmade Dutch line of drip coffee brewers, peerless in quality and design. The Technivorm's seat of excellence rests on speed, high-quality components and craftsmanship. Quickly heating water to a constant temperature of around 200˚F (93.3˚C), the Technivorm brew cycle only takes six minutes for optimal flavour extraction. Endorsed by the Specialty Coffee Associations of America (SCAA) and Europe (SCAE), a rare distinction, the Technivorm has also been awarded full marks for best coffee maker by a Cook's Illustrated test-off.

Discover the Technivorm flavour of excellence for yourself.

The Technivorm KBTG-741 Brewer brews 1.25 L / 10 cups of coffee directly into a thermal carafe. 

Comes with:

* new brew-thu lid 
* stainless steel thermo jug
* 9-hole sprayhead (wets grounds evenly)
* visible scale indication
* copper boiling element with double safety guard
* filter holder with hand operated drip stop
* brew time 5-6 minutes
* illuminated on/off switch
* brew stop if the jug is not in place

Dimensions: 7" (18cm)W x 12.6" (32cm)D x 15.4" (39cm)H

For replacement filters, select the Melitta #4 cone filter paper (100 per box).

For all Technivorm products purchased after January 21, 2013 - 5 years limited warranty through Transcend coffee.

Extended warranties:
Get a one year extended warranty for 10% of the product cost or two years for 25% of the product cost. If you are interested in purchasing the extended warranty for this product please contact us at to have the extended warranty included in your order.  

Technivorm Manual Part 1

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