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Unroasted - Galapagos Santa Cruz


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About the bean

We're really excited about this new Single Origin addition to our collection. These beans from San Cristobal in the Galapagos Archipelago - the same islands that inspired Charles Darwin's The Origin of Species - are uniquely delicious and rarely obtained, typically produced in limited quantities. A little-known wonder for the longest time, Starbucks introduced beans from the island of San Cristobal to the world in 2010 as their first-ever Reserve® collection. But, alas, that stash is no more.

What to expect

A lovely aroma and smooth body produced by mineral-rich soil nourished by fresh spring water from the island's volcanic crater lake. A twice-yearly cold wind current in combination with the region's intense equatorial sun produces a subtropical climate that permits long-standing Bourbon coffee plants to flourish at both lower and higher altitudes. In other words, these beans boast quite a pedigree. And there's more! Local law prohibits the use of fertilizer and chemicals of any sort - coffee is automatically organic by default.

The taste is gorgeously complex - peach, light orange with a touch of caramel. A well-balanced acidity, smooth body and most pleasant aftertaste make this a cup to cherish; and, at the price, practically royal. A great alternative for fans of African florals in search of a slightly less floral yet juicy coffee with a soft mouthfeel, pleasurably flavoured. Serve to savour the notes on display here - French press or pour over is perfect.

Roasting recommendation: Full City. 


Species: Arabica
Cultivar: Bourbon
Process: Washed with fermentation
Certified: Humaniterra Foundation

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