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Unroasted - Galapagos Santa Cruz


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About the bean

Our new batch of this single origin, premium bean is special for several reasons: firstly, it comes to us from San Cristobal of the famed Galapagos Archipelago that inspired Charles Darwin’s The Origin of Species 180 years ago. Secondly, beans from here are typically produced in limited quantities and grown at altitudes (a lowly 350m) not usually associated with premium beans of this type. While good quality coffee often is grown at higher altitudes, low altitudes can also produce excellence, particularly when the region is close to the equator, which Galapagos is. Many of the world’s top coffee-growing areas are located in the so-called equatorial “Bean Belt” where the magical coffee combination of heat, humidity, rainfall, soil quality and, yes, elevation provides the conditions beans love the best.

A rare and wonderful coffee experience

Species: Arabica
Cultivar: Bourbon
Category: Single Origin
Certification: Humaniterra Foundation
Altitude: 350m
Process: Hand picked and washed with fermentation
Notes: Some beans are pricey because they are more labour intensive, remotely sourced, hand processed, and so on. You can taste the care taken to cultivate and prepare the Galapagos post-harvest. This is a costly bean and it's worth it. Very well balanced, beautiful body and mouthfeel; no defects whatsoever. Viviendo el sueño!
Roast Recommendation: To preference. American roast profile/Chemex brewed: A juicy refined cup, medium brightness (acidity), perfect balance and a lovely caramel pleasantness. Full City roast/French press: More sweetness and longer aftertaste. If we had to choose one delight over another: Full City. 

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