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Unroasted - Honduras SHG EP (1 lb.)


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About the bean

Known for its rich, arabica coffee, Honduras is gaining a reputation for high-grown specialty offerings that reflect the country's immensely diverse coffee profile: a result of the different processes, altitudes, micro-climates and varieties that distinguish the small but mighty Honduras as a coffee region of note.

Cupping Notes

Washed arabica
Sun and mechanically dried

A light, slightly thin coffee, sweet and delicate. You will want to roast this one a bit higher than most (dark is fine) to ensure the chocolatey, robust notes are maximized.

  • SHG (Strictly High Grown) means that the coffee was grown at an altitude of around 1,350 metres. Coffee grown at a higher altitude and lower temperature slows fruit maturity and produces a denser bean, which, in turn, creates a more desirable specialty cup. This classification is higher than HG.
  • EP (European Preparation) indicates that the raw beans have been hand sorted to ensure defective beans and foreign material have been removed.

Roasting recommendation: For our taste test we roasted light but should have gone for Full City. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

Suitable for blends or as a standalone; French press or drip. Aromatic, buttery, notes of brown sugar. Light body, low acidity, clean finish, balanced flavour. 

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