Unroasted - Malawi AB (1 lb.)


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About the bean

Malawi is Africa's smallest coffee-producing country. Most Malawi coffee sells to the United Kingdom; relatively little makes it to Canada and the U.S.

Quick Facts

Species: Coffea arabica
Processing: Washed/wet-processed
Appearance: 16+ screen
Region: Limbe, Blantyre District, Southern Malawi
Farms: Ngapani and Chipale
Producer: Sable Farms
Altitude: 900-1200 MASL
Varietal: Catimor and Caturra
Certification: Rainforest Alliance
Acidity: Medium high
Body: Medium high
Balance: Yes
Taste: Floral and tea-like

Roasting recommendation: Most roast this bean medium. The lighter you go, however, the more you'll savour its citrus tones.

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