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Unroasted - Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic SHG EP


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About the bean

Coffee from Nicaragua is typically wet-processed, well-balanced, smooth yet bright, and rich with subtle flavours - these are often described as nutty with a lingering note of vanilla.

Most Nicaraguan coffee is shade grown. The highest grade is Strictly High Grown, as per this week's offering, which comes from 25 de Marzo Cooperative in beautiful San Juan del Rio Coco, located in Nicaragua's mountainous north. Founded in 2008, 25 de Marzo is a group of 49 members (15 of whom are women) cultivating 49 hectares of land. The main varieties grown here are Caturra and Catuai. 

What to expect

We taste tested both an American and Vienna roast profile. Both profiles produced an aromatic and pleasant cup with a delicate complexity, particularly at a lighter roast. Full body, sweet and fruity. High acidity. Notes of flowers, citrus, berries and caramel at an American roast. Dark chocolate notes emerged at the Vienna profile; more body, less brightness and a smooth, smoky finish. Still delicate and balanced at this level. Good as a standalone or for blends. 

Species: Arabica
Varieties: Caturra, Catuai Rojo, Catuai amarillo, bourbon
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
Altitude: 1,200 masl.
Harvest period: November through March
Shipping period: February through June

Roasting recommendation: Go for a lighter profile.

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