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Unroasted - Nicaragua Fair Trade Organic SHG EP


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About the bean

For various reasons, one crop of coffee can vary from season to season and year to year due to a range of factors including weather conditions, a change in drying technique and the farm the bean is sourced from. After sampling our current batch of Nicaragua FTO SHG EP, however, we quickly concluded that our new crop is much like the last one and that's a good thing! This bean was a solid go-to pick in 2018 and it's still as enjoyable this year; perhaps, in large part, because we're using the same coffee co-op: the excellent 25 de Marzo in lovely San Juan del Rio Coco in Nicaragua's mountainous north. 

What to expect

This is a pleasant, smooth, yet interesting coffee at a good price point for an FTO. It's an everyday bean that you'll be happy to light upon of a morning. The brightness (acidity) for this bean is medium-high but, unusually, it doesn't overpower and is easy to sit with.

We sampled the Nicaraguan brewed in a Hario V60 and a French press at a Full City roast profile. In the V60, we enjoyed a dark chocolate truffle flavour, soft body, elegant sweetness and a brightness that really enhanced this offering. The French press option increased the body, as it does, and fans of body preferred the difference this made to the cup overall. The drip brew method remained the favourite of the two.

A pleasant, light yet complex coffee that makes for a reliable everyday brew. A quiet champion. 

Roast recommendation: Light to medium.

Species: Arabica
Certifications: Fair Trade, Organic
Altitude: 1,200 masl.
Harvest period: November through March 

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