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Unroasted - Costa Rican Fair Trade Organic (Wholesale)


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About the bean:
This coffee is highly dependent on the roast. A lighter roast will bring out a milk chocolate brightness with some berry overtones while a darker roast tends to accentuate a bittersweet chocolate with a slight winey finish.

The depth of this cup tends to increase as the coffee cools.

Producer/Grower/Region: La Alianza
Species: Coffee arabica
Processing: Wet-processed, sorted by hand (EP)
Grade: SHB Strictly Hard Bean/ SHG Strictly High Grown (grown between 4500 to 5000 ft)
Appearance: Screen 17
Acidity: Medium
Body: Full
Balance: Yes
Flavour: Mild, clean, balanced
Roast: City (citrus) to Full City + (chocolate)

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