Yama Cold Brew Coffee Tower - 0.95 L, 32 oz. 6-8 CUP.


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The Cold Brew Coffee Tower is a rather astonishing drip chamber that almost resembles an hourglass, in effect. Architectural and theatrical notes aside, the Cold Brew Coffee Tower is an exceptional iced coffee maker designed to to cold brew coffee for maximum flavour.

Cold brewed coffee is remarkably smooth and low in the acids. Cold brewing is also celebrated for the way it intensifies the natural 'nutty' flavour so many coffee varieties possess.

To use, simply place ice and water in the tower's top chamber. A valve option allows you to regulate the water which, after steeping, releases slowly into the tower's carafe. This process can take 3 hours, or longer, if you adjust the valve accordingly or add pure ice. This lengthy timeline is more than compensated for by the delicious end result and fully relieved by the distraction of the tower's rich visual.

A permanent ceramic filter mechanism is included. This brewing tower comes in a brown or black stain finish.

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