Yama Vacuum Coffee Brewer TCA-3

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  • Capacity: 3 European-sized cups (473 ml, 16 oz)

The Green Beanery is proud to introduce a marvel to its line-up, the Yama Vacuum Coffee Brewer (also known as a coffee siphon). If you've never had vacuum brewed coffee before, you'll be in for a treat, both visually and in taste.

For those who don't like French Presses for the sludge and chunks that can slip into the coffee cup, the Yama Vac Pot is a superb alternative. And because the Yama's filter is made of cloth instead of paper, most of the coffee oils remain with the coffee, retaining the taste desired for that perfect cup.

Vacuum brewed coffee was invented in France in the 1840s and became very popular in the United States around the middle part of the 20th century. Companies like Cory, General Electric, Silex, Sunbeam, Westinghouse and others had entire lines of vacuum brewers for sale during this period. This brewing method undeniably produced the best tasting filter coffee, but it lost favor in the convenience-obsessed America of the 1950s and beyond. While other parts of the world continued to use vacuum brewers (most notably Europe and Japan), in the U.S., percolation, auto drip and instant coffees gradually replaced vacuum brewing use, bringing super convenient (yet also super bad tasting!) coffee to the American breakfast table.

Today, quality coffee is making a major comeback in North America and, as a result, people are starting to use vacuum brewers again. The vacuum technique of brewing coffee at perfect brewing temperatures ensures a perfect cup. And the way it makes the coffee! Everyone who sees a vac pot in action is enthralled by the process. You will be, as well.

The Yama Vacuum Brewer TCA-3 produces 3 European-sized cups (as opposed to American-style mugs) of quality coffee - Yama defines one cup as four ounces of coffee. A slightly finer grind than a normal auto drip is required, though it is very forgiving for almost any grind type.

When using an HCA or TCA Yama Vacuum Brewer, use an alcohol burner to brew the coffee. This way, the flavor is brewed fully and released completely and brewing time can be controlled with greater ease.

The Yama Vacuum Brewer ships with one spare cloth filter, the filter assembly, a measuring spoon, a lid/stand, and the vacuum brewer. Extra filters are available for an additional charge.

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