Yama Tabletop Syphons


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For those who don't like the dense consistency of French press coffee, the Yama Vac Pot makes for a superb alternative. And because the Yama's filter is made of cloth instead of paper, most of the coffee oils are retained during the brewing process, strengthening taste.

Vacuum brewed coffee was invented in France in the 1840s and became very popular in the United States around the middle part of the 20th century. Companies like Cory, General Electric, Silex, Sunbeam, Westinghouse and others had entire lines of vacuum brewers for sale at this time. The vacuum brew method produced great tasting filter coffee but fell out of favour during the 1950s when convenience became the flavour of the day. Vacuum brewing remained popular in other parts of the world, most notably Europe and Japan, but in the U.S., percolation, auto drip and instant coffees gradually replaced vacuum brewing, ushering in an era of super convenience for the American home coffee-maker at a great cost: the loss of quality.

Today, first-rate coffee is making a major comeback and that means vacuum brewers are back in style. The vacuum technique involves brewing coffee at an ideal temperature to ensure the perfect cup. And its distinctive way of making coffee is pure theatre: you will be enthralled by the performance and the results!


This exquisite special edition Yama syphon brewer comes with a decorative ceramic base and a Rekrow butane burner valued at $49.95.

The Yama Vacuum Brewer CNT-5 produces 5 cups (591 ml, 20 oz) - Yama defines one cup as 118ml/4oz of coffee. The Yama vacuum method requires a slightly finer grind than a normal auto drip, although it is very forgiving for almost any grind type.

Features an alcohol burner and a 3 cup (16 oz) brewing capacity.

Features an alcohol burner and a 5 cup (20 oz) brewing capacity.

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