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Unroasted - Yemen Matari Mocha


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About the bean

We are lucky to have another coffee from Yemen as our new Coffee of the Week. Coffee from this region dates back to the Sufis of Yemen who recognized the psychoactive character of coffee beans growing wild in the highlands of nearby Ethiopia and its potential as an energy booster for late-night liturgical vigils. Yemen is believed to be the source of most cultivated Coffea arabica produced today. It was from Yemen's ancient port of Al-Mokha that coffee flowed out into the world for the first time. 

Our excellent Yemeni coffee is grown on the fertile lands of Yemen's rugged mountains, protected from sunlight by natural tree cover. 

The discovery

Our last coffee from Yemen really knocked our socks off and this offering is another delight. Yemen Matari Mocha is a complex coffee with a lot of flavour. Expect an aromatic brew known for its woody notes and spice (cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg, pepper) and chocolate. A medium brightness and balance with a nice, thick body. Go darker with the roast and smoky notes should appear. Suits drip and pourover, as well as French press.

This would make a lovely after-dinner coffee; a dessert all on its own. One to savour.

Roasting recommendation: A Full City roast is the sweet spot. 

Cupping notes

Country: Yemen
Altitude: 2,500 masl.
Process: Pulped natural (dry-processed)
Species: Arabica
Cultivar: Mocha
Certifications: Humaniterra Foundation

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