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About the bean

500 years ago, the coffee now known as Matari Mocha was grown on remote terraces cut into Yemen's semi-arid mountains, at the country's highest altitudes. Today, this highly prized coffee continues to be grown in the same traditional way, harvested by hand, separated from the husks by millstones, and unchanged by time.

Yemen was the first place to commercially grow and trade coffee, from the ancient port of Mocha., from which coffee was first shipped to Europe. Yemen Matari has a smooth, medium body, with a dry, bitter-sweetness that yields a complex, rich, and fragrant coffee, particularly when roasted dark. One of the world's most distinctive coffees.

Comments: "Very dark chocolate with light acid notes, very full flavoured. This coffee has bit of an edge to it. There is a pleasing bitterness on the back of the tongue and a slight astringency. It is strongly flavoured, but not rich or oily; a bracing cup with which to start the morning. And enhancing tradewith Yemen might help pull the country away from sheltering extremism."

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