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About the bean

Eccentric doesn't begin to describe coffees from Yemen. A cup of Yemen is always a bit of an adventure. Zamarrud Al-Yemen (The Emeralds of Yemen) is composed of the best-tasting coffees from several growing regions and offers what most seek in a traditional Yemeni coffee.

A long history of trade and Yemen's old seed stocks, combined with the country's incredibly dry climate have culminated in a very distinct flavour profile: a particularly robust coffee with a rich aroma, long aftertaste and a distinctive chocolate note, which is what you can expect from our Yemen Zamarrud premium Coffee of the Week.

Yes. This is an expensive offering. The country's civil war has made getting coffee out of Yemen dangerous, difficult and, at times, almost impossible. For a number of traders, making the high-risk journey through Northern Yemen into Saudi Arabia has been their only choice. Prices for coffee from here have more than tripled in the last several years as a result of these challenges.

Yemeni beans are often used to make "Turkish coffee".

Species: Coffea arabica, typica, heirloom
Origin: Yemen
Processing: Natural, sundried.
Appearance: 15-16 screen
Elevation: 1,100 to 2,000 meters
Acidity: Low
Body: Medium
Complexity: Yes
Balance: Somewhat
Flavour: Grassy and rustic with hints of spice and a rich chocolate underlay.
Roast: Medium roast (City to Full City+)

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