Unroasted - Yunnan Catimor B


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About the bean

The Catimor B is a dry-processed variety - a natural arabica-robusta hybrid from Timor and Caturra which combines the disease resistant qualities of the Timor and the sweet and fruity notes of the Caturra. Catimor B is considered a grade below the Yunnan Catimor.

For our taste test of the Yunnan Catimor B, we opted for a light American roast served in a French press. The aroma for this coffee is quite intense, earthy, even mossy. We found the Catimor B offered a strong presence without a dominating flavour, and a lingering burnt, tobacco aftertaste. Rather than a French press, as we did, we recommend serving this one as a pour over. The Catimor B would also work well as an espresso, particularly an Americano, or mixed in with a blend paired with a Central American bean for body and an African for brightness and snap.

Our Yunnan Catimor B was grown at an elevation of 1,200 metres above sea level - China's highest altitude coffee-growing region.

Roasting Recommendation: We opted for a light roast for balance and depth. Typically, the recommendation for the Catimor is a Full City+.

For a write-up on the supplier of this bean, see China's remarkable coffee.

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