Zassenhaus Pour Over Coffee Maker


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Made by the leading German mill maker Zassenhaus, a mill maker since 1867.

The Zassenhaus Pour Over Coffee Maker combines tradition and modern design. Thanks to an integrated stainless-steel filter, no paper filter is needed.

With the Zassenhaus Coffee Dripper, coffee can be prepared and served using the same jug.

A glass lid with silicone gasket prevents spillage.

Capacity: 750 ml - 6 cups

Dimensions: Carafe height 13 cm / bottom 12 cm, filter insert height 12 cm 

Instructions for use:

Place the dripper on top of the glass carafe, then insert the double-walled filter. Pour in the desired amount of coffee. A heaped teaspoon of about 7 g) and approximately 125ml of water per cup is recommended.

Initially, saturate the coffee power with hot water (about 92° - 95°C).

Allow the coffee to bloom, then pour the remaining water slowly in a cricular motion. The fine filter ensures optimum contact time to release the full flavour.

Remove the dripper from the glass carafe after the water has passed completely through. 

Cap the carafe with the glass lid.

Tips and Tricks:

Preheat the carafe with hot water

Always use freshly ground coffee powder

Grind the coffee to a medium-fine to coarse consistency.

Brew the coffee with hot but not boiling water - too hot releases bitter components and destroys the fine flavours. The optimum temperature is 92° - 95°C.

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