Zassenhaus Espresso and Mocca Grinder Havanna, Brass


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Beautifully housed in a solid brass body engraved with a traditional dot-and-scroll design, the Zassenhaus Havanna mocca mill offers the ultra-fine grind that is the distinction of Turkish coffee. In the past, the Turkish fine grind was achieved with a mortar-and-pestle but thanks to new technology, that effort has been reduced to a minimum with the Zassenhaus Havanna mocca mill. The Zassenhaus comes with a grinding mechanism machine hardened and precision made for long life and consistency to ensure a grind worthy of the Turkish legacy.

Made by the leading German mill maker Zassenhaus, a mill maker since 1867.

Dimensions: 1.75" (4.44cm) Diameter, 8" (20.32cm) High

The Zassenhaus grinding burrs come with a 10 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee.

Grind a small amount of raw peppercorns or uncooked rice. This dissolves oil residues of coffee in the grinding mechanism in the best and most eco-friendly way. Grind some beans afterwards and the mill is already ready to prepare aromatic coffee and espresso.

Type: Kitchen

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