Zassenhaus Lima coffee mill, stainless steel/acrylic


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The ZASSENHAUS LIMA HAND GRINDER represents a contemporary departure for Zassenhaus. Connoisseurs of the Zassenhaus family of coffee mills used to the maker's penchant for nostalgic drama may not recognize this modern makeover of the Zassenhaus form but they will appreciate the line's continuing stronghold on excellence.

The Lima replaces the traditional fine wood exterior of the standard Zassenhaus with a flawless stainless-steel finish and a slender, part acrylic canister. Completing the Lima's futuristic feel is an elegantly whorled grinding lever and transparent end sections providing glimpses of the first and last phases of the coffee milling process.

To refill the Lima, lift open the stainless-steel lid and slide the top to the end of the grinding lever. Pour in beans and grind. For grind control, open the entire top part of the canister (attached to the lever), and turn the adjusting knob clockwise for a coarse grind and counter-clockwise for fine. The product packaging offers instructions and illustrations for greater clarity.

Made by the leading German mill maker Zassenhaus, a mill maker since 1867.

The Zassenhaus grinding burrs come with a 10 Year Manufacturer's Guarantee.

Height: 12.2(31cm) / Diameter 2.8(7cm)
Material: stainless steel / acrylic

Grind a small amount of raw peppercorns or uncooked rice. This dissolves oil residues of coffee in the grinding mechanism in the best and most eco-friendly way. Grind some beans afterwards and the mill is already ready to prepare aromatic coffee and espresso.

Type: Grinders

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