Cilio Coffee Maker Laura


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Do you like your coffee strong and aromatic? Or rather mild and wholesome? Then you should get to know LAURA. The coffee maker of the Solingen company Cilio is as attractive as it is practical. The lid of polished stainless steel sits firmly and has a large knob, with which the filter rod can be pressed down easily. The large stainless steel handle holds the coffee maker firmly in place. The pot is made of borosilicate glass and therefore particularly heat resistant. Add coarsely ground coffee powder and hot, no longer boiling water to the coffee maker. Place the lid on the jug with the strainer and let it simmer for at least 4 minutes.Then push the filter rod slowly and straight down. The coffee grounds is pressed to the bottom of the pot and remains in the pot during pouring. Depending on the model, 3, 6 or 8 cups of delicious coffee are ready. Incidentally, you can also put the coffee maker on a warmer. An advantage that tea drinkers appreciate when they use the device.


      Type: French Press

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