Unroasted - Honduras SHG EP


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About the bean

We've been delighted in recent times with every batch of beans from Honduras we've been able to get our hands on. The largest exporter of coffee in Central America, Honduras is rich in diversity from coffee varieties to micro-climates. Typically, coffee from here is fruity (think tropical), with a sweet underlay or bouquet (chocolatey), and a delicate but distinct brightness. 

Our newest Honduras offering is sourced from Cafetal, an international coffee trading company based in both Honduras and Canada focused on sustainable development for farmers, their plantations and the communities they're a part of. The beans were grown at Finca Lara, which has been a family-run farm since 1965 - Lara is the family name. Located in the Yojoa Lake Region in western Honduras, this area is also one of Central America's fastest growing travel destinations, a lure for its remarkable scenery and biodiversity and the country's largest natural lake (check it out!). 

Flavour and character at a really nice price point. Honduras is on a roll!

Quick Notes

1000-1100 m
Process: Fully Washed
Drying: Sun and mechanically dried
Certifications: Rainforest Alliance

Taste Test

City+ and Full City roast profiles brewed in a French Press:
This is a bean with character. We enjoyed a flavorful, fruity brew with an intense, medium brightness - quite a unique coffee. We definitely weren't expecting this much personality, based on previous cuppings of coffees from Honduras. 

For this one, we'd opt for a Full City+ or Vienna roast profile. The Honduras SHG EP would definitely serve as a morning go-to for its strength and interest. At the price, we're looking forward to experimenting with blending and putting the Honduras to work as an espresso. 

Roast recommendation: Medium-dark to dark.