Unroasted - Java PTP Estate


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About the bean

Java - land of volcanoes and temples and the source of one of our most popular offerings.

Produced by the government-run PTP XXVI Plantation, which accounts for around 85% of East Java's coffee output, Java PTP Estate is known for its consistent quality. Unlike most other islands in Indonesia, coffee from Java is fully washed, which results in a cleaner, more balanced profile. 

These beans have been hand-picked, washed and sun dried.

What to expect

Why is Java PTP Estate so popular? We had to know.

For our taste testing, we compared an American and Full City roast profile. Both were delightful. 

The American roast proffered a fresh and fruity aroma. The flavour was most assuredly nutty - caramel, brown sugar - with a medium-high brightness and clean, soft aftertaste. This profile would best suit a pour-over style serving for later in the day - the complexity is more pronounced than the strong body we typically opt for in the morning.

At a Full City roast, we enjoyed a perfect morning coffee. This roast maximized the bean's body and honey sweetness, amplifying its dark chocolate notes (that didn't appear in the lighter roast), and a more muted acidity in exchange for a very balanced and clean cup. A great pick for espresso, too.

Roasting recommendation: American to Full City, up to Vienna. Don't go darker.