Roasted - Brazilian Pulped Natural


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About the bean

Pioneered in Brazil, the pulped natural process is a "peeled cherry" method that involves the removal of the cherry's outer layer/fruit skin before drying. The coffee is then set to dry with almost all of the mucilage still attached. Pulped Natural is considered halfway between the dry and wet process, is typically a more time-intensive method and one that is thought to deliver a better quality cup.

Quality is the hallmark of producer William Franco, the creator of our current lot of pulped natural from Brazil's legendary Minas Gerais region. As a fifth-generation grower, William's impressive coffee DNA is elevated by a modern approach to sustainability and production enriched by the decades of care and skill his family has invested in specialty-grade offerings.

A sweet, clean and balanced pulped natural is a joy to the world.

Flavour Notes

Caramel. Molasses. Brown Sugar.

Quick Notes

REGION: South of Minas
FARM: Soledade
PRODUCER: William Franco
PROCESS: Pulped Natural 
VARIETAL: Mundo Novo (New World)
ALTITUDE: 1,100 - 1,200 masl.

Roasting recommendation: Light to Medium Roast.

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