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Roasted - Brazilian Pulped Natural


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Pulped natural coffees are inclined towards sweetness and a rich, creamy taste. They are generally lower in acidity with more body than washed coffees, and offer a cleaner, more uniform cup than natural processed coffees. Pulped natural processing involves one more step than natural coffee processing: once the cherries are harvested they are pulped to remove the skin. The cherry seeds are extracted with mucilage (a sticky residue) intact. For washed coffee, the cherry seeds with mucilage would typically transfer to a fermentation tank but the pulped natural method lays out the seeds to dry on a raised bed or patio, which allows air flow above and below for a higher-quality coffee. In this way, the characteristics of the coffee seed are deepened.

Brazilian Pulped Natural Coffee offers various notes: slightly fruity, berry, sweet, as well as chocolaty in flavor. Balanced and aromatic, medium acidity.

Roasting recommendation: Light to Medium Roast.

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