Roasted - Brazil Natural


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About the bean

Our new lot of Brazil Natural is a collaboration between neighbouring farmers in the Sul de Minas region. Like our first Brazil Natural, coffee grower Danielle Fonseca is behind the current blend, co-created with fellow young-generation growers, Dario Botrel and Lucio Portugal. All three continue the family tradition of farming coffee to bring their legacy to new markets beyond Brazil, through sustainable practices and improved post-harvest methods combined with technological innovation.

Go, kids!

The Danielle-Dario-Lucio collaboration has created a coffee of outstanding balance and consistency they can reliably produce for a long time to come, so expect to see this Brazil Natural again and again. 

Of this trio of producers who share a similar terroir, one farm provided the distinctive cacao base and the other two contributed a complex acidity to round out a cup we call our: sweet morning delight.

Salute the sun every day with our new chocolate-caramel Brazil Natural.


Farm: Fazenda da Serra, Fazenda Matao & Fazenda Vargem Alegre
Producers: Danielle Fonseca, Dario Botrel & Lucio Portugal
Region: Sul de Minas
Sub-region: Santana da Vargem, Tres Pontas, Campos Gerais
Community: Serras de Minas Group
Process: Natural
Altitude: 900 masl.
Varietals: Mundo novo, red and yellow catuai, topazio
Screen Size: 15+
Drying Method: Sun-dried
Grain PRO: Yes
Direct Trade: Yes (bought directly from the farmer)

Cupping Notes: Cacao, caramel, orange, balanced acidity, dense.

Roasting recommendation: A solid base for espresso and espresso-based drinks, equally as good for drip brews. Sweet and creamy results in an Aeropress. Roasts well darker. Go lighter for nuance and citrus flavour. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

The Producers

Danielle Fonseca, Fazenda de Serra
Granddaughter and coffee farmer's daughter, Danielle began managing the family farm with her father in 2016. When her parents relocated to another city, and her sister moved to Canada, Danielle assumed sole management of the farm in 2018. In the years since, she has focused on sustainable practices and improving post-harvest methods to show what is most special about Fazenda da Serra's coffee. Traceability of all steps involved in harvesting are available for every lot produced by Fazenda da Serra. 

Dario Botrel, Fazenda Matão
Dario's story starts with his mother, Maria Aparecida, who inherited Fazenda Matão from her father, Dário Botrel de Figueiredo. She faced many difficulties in this hard work without much encouragement, but she persevered and proved to be a great farmer over the years. The farm is close to the Serra de Três Pontas and features an excellent topography and altitude for coffee growing. Dario always wanted to follow in the footsteps of his father, an agronomist, and from a young age he cultivated a love of the land and, of course, coffee. Taking over the farm operation came naturally to Dario, although it proved challenging at first. In his efforts to modernize and transition the farm to a more technological way of producing coffee, Dario had to break with many traditional paradigms. Gradually he brought Matão to a new level of sustainable quality.

Lucio Portugal, Fazenda Vargem Alegre
Lucio is a production engineer who grew up on his father's coffee farm in Campos Gerais, Minas Gerais. In 2016, Lucio decided to quit his job and help his father run the farm. Lucio's passion for specialty coffee inspired him to invest in the pursuit of better quality coffees. Aside from selling green beans, Lucio runs a small micro-roastery in Minas Gerais.