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Unroasted - Colombian Excelso Huila

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About the bean

Our new crop of Excelso hails from the Huila region of Colombia, a producer region prized for so many things: its terroir, the amount of coffee it produces and the quality of its product. Coffee from Huila is distinguished by a Denomination of Origin status (the same distinction enjoyed by champagne). Offerings from here are typically delicate in profile, buoyed by a sweet and fruity character, a bright acidity, medium body and caramel aroma.

Once you go Huila, you go back and back again.


COUNTRY: Colombia
REGIONHuila, San Adolfo Village
GRADE: Excelso
VARIETY: Caturro
ALTITUDE: 1700 - 1950 masl.
POST HARVEST: Fermentation 24 hours (in tanks)

FLAVOUR NOTESSweet plums, raisins and grape wrapped in a silky body, finished with a sweet and refreshing aftertaste.

Roast recommendation: Lighter to savour the flavour. Darker because ... you know you want to! For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

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