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About the bean

Tarrazu coffee is referred to as a "classically complete" coffee - sweet, complex aroma, full body, pleasant acidity and a delicate clean aftertaste with rich chocolate and nutty undertones.

High in the mountains, the small Tarrazu region lies south of the capital of Costa Rica. It is the most densely planted high-altitude region in the country.

Tarrazu boasts the best volcanic soils and the highest altitudes Costa Rica has to offer. Coffee here is shade grown which allows the cherries to ripen more slowly. The end result is a rich and hearty flavour.

Dota is the highest, most remote sub-region of the Tarrazu growing area. It enjoys a reputation as a producer of the region's finest coffees. The Dota Co-op has been in operation for 40 years.

Species: Coffea Arabica
Processing: Wet-processed
Region: Dota, Tarrazu, grown in the volcanic soils
Producer: Cooperativa Tarrazu, FLO# 3273
Grade: SHB Strictly Hard Bean / SHG Strictly High Grown (between 4500 and 5000 ft)
Appearance: Screen 17
Acidity: Fairly mild
Body: Medium-bodied
Balance: Perfect
Flavour: Highly aromatic coffee with a good deal of fruity complexity; spice mid-tones and a roasted hazelnut underlay.
Roast recommendation: Sweet cinnamon/clove apple for a City Roast. Spice tones dominate at Full City. Not recommended for darker roasts.

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