Unroasted - Ethiopian Harrar GR4


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About the bean

This premium coffee is a highly rated sun-dried offering from Ethiopia's eastern highlands, exported worldwide from the town of Dire Dawa - known for its colourful streets lined with stores and trees. Dire Dawa connects by road to the ancient walled city of Harar (also Harrar).

Naturally processed Harrar coffees are known for a rich-bodied winey, fruity brightness that can taste wild in the cup, compared to the sweeter wet-processed Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Blueberry is the lingering note associated with the Harrar but you will need to roast lighter to unearth it. The temptation is always to roast darker but too dark a roast will bury this bean's surprises. A darker roast reveals prune and raisin notes.

For our taste test, we opted for an American (light), Italian (espresso) and City (medium) roast. The complex Harrar experience was most evident in the lighter roast with full-effect aroma and taste (burnt caramel, dry wine) but somewhat thin in the cup - additives would have drowned it. This bean is recommended as a standalone brew as a French press or drip coffee at a lighter roast - a coffee to savour. It is most likely to find its way as a medium to dark roast in either a Mokha-Java or espresso blend. Harrar adds the X factor to the mix. Blend a light and dark roasted Harrar for a treat.

Roasting recommendation: The bigger taste profile lies in a lighter roast but a medium will produce more body.

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