Hario Buono Stainless Steel Kettle


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Voted the Best New Product at the 2009 World Tea Expo, the delightful Hario Buono's striking beehive design is a perfect choice for pour-over enthusiasts looking for a precision pour - a must for optimal extraction. This lightweight, agile kettle in polished stainless-steel features a long curving spout to ensure a controlled flow and an easy-grip handle for convenience. Use directly on an IH range, electric and/or gas stovetop.

Dishwasher safe or hand wash as needed with hot water and soap.

* Body: Polished stainless steel
* Origin: Japan

Hario in Japan, the country of manufacture, means 'The King of Glass'. Since its beginning in 1921, Hario has dedicated its manufacture to high-quality glassware for the home, as well as commercial use.


* Weight: 2 lb / 907 g


* Weight: 1.15 lb / 520 g

Type: Kettles

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