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About the bean:
Early Dutch explorers brought arabica trees to Java, which became the world's leading producer of coffee until rust wiped out the industry. The acreage was replanted with disease-resistant but less desirable robusta stock. But arabica has made a comeback, and is once again being grown on some of the original Dutch estates.

The PTP XXVI Plantation is a government organization that grows about 85% of the coffee in East Java, close to Bali on the Itjen Heights. There are four main Estates - Jampit, Pancur, Blawan and Kayumas. Private estates produce the rest, names such as Kalibendo, Gunung Mas, Mayang Sari, Ayer Dingin.

Java Estate is the best and most consistent Java coffee produced by the reliable PTP. Washed preparation method, grown at 3,000 to 6,000 FT, it has a medium acidity with exceptional full-body and smooth flavor.

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