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Unroasted - Mexican HG EP Fair Trade Organic


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About the bean

We do like our Mexican beans around here. Perhaps that's because the dominant flavour note is often chocolate and that's a rather lovely quality in a coffee, or anything! Our current crop of Mexican FTO is from Cafemex, a cooperative representing 1,416 small producers from various towns in southern Mexico's mountainous Chiapas region, the country's coffee-growing heart. Hmmm. Chocolate heart.

A champion coffee by itself, as espresso, cold brew and more. Serve with a side of chocolate and manifest happiness immediately. Save some for dad on Father's Day. So many ways to go right with this bean.

Taste Test (the Tuesday prior to Father's Day on June 16)

We decided to mix things up and combined our taste-testing with a food pairing. The addition of food can really alter the taste of coffee and not necessarily for the better: berries and coffee, for instance, tend to perform poorly together, although coffees often include berry notes to their benefit. It's different, however, when you're drinking coffee alongside a breakfast bowl or dessert topped with berries. What does work and what doesn't? That's a question we decided to explore with the following pairing: our new Mexican FTO coffee and bites of salami, dark chocolate, chocolate chip in cookie form, and green apple.

The coffee itself, brewed at a City roast profile in a French press, is excellent. The flavours are well balanced, a pleasant sweetness is further enhanced by a nice, fruity acidity for a touch of complexity; the aftertaste is a long and tasty pleasure to finish on. More is more, here. Great coffee.

Next, we took a bite of salty, spicy salami. Just no. The salami, inevitably, was so strong our dear Mexican was overpowered and the result was a mouthful of liquid salt. 

The dark chocolate combined with the Mexican FTO, however, proved a charming combination. The slightly bitter dark chocolate gave the Mexican's fruity notes some extra song and what a lovely song. Naturally, at the discovery of perfection, we wanted to stop and consume all of the coffee and chocolate and to hell with the rest. Suggestion: serve this Mexican pick with a box of chocolates (not too sweet) this Father's Day and enjoy being the favourite.

Unsurprisingly, the sweet chocolate-chip cookie also worked well but after the blazing sun of chocolate, what could compare? It was nice but too much of a mouthful.

Lastly, we tried green apple. Well, good to know the low point. The apple's high acid content wiped out all flavour and rendered the coffee pointless. But we did notice how well apple cleanses the palate. If you should ever be taste-testing and happen upon a foul result, grab a slice of green apple: it's nature's eraser.

And there you have it. Try food pairing for yourself or with friends; it's novel and it's fun. 

Roast recommendation: Medium (City to Full City for that chocolatey finish). For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

Further Notes

Species: Arabica
Varieties: Bourbon, Marsellesa, Oro Azteca, Costa Rica
Processing: Washed, sun dried
Region: Chiapas
Harvest period: October to March
HG: High Grown - typically, the inherent consistency and taste attributes of beans grown at higher altitudes makes them more desirable, and generally more expensive, than beans grown at lower elevations.
EP: European Prep indicates the coffee has undergone a rigorous sorting process - usually by hand to ensure defective beans and foreign material are removed.

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