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Roasted - Brazil Natural Anaerobic

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About the bean

Welcome to the world of precision flavour.

This special lot of Brazil Natural has undergone a specific form of fermentation that involves a no-oxygen environment to create a flavour experience designed to power up the unique characteristics of the bean.

The anaerobic process is different from other forms of fermentation. Beans go through an extended fermentation process in sealed conditions (typically in airtight tanks, barrels or Grain-pro plastic bags) beyond the typical timeframe of 12-36 hours. The anaerobic extension varies by hours, even days. The types of microbes able to survive the airless environment, and extended stew time, create an end result markedly different from the standard approach to coffee fermentation.

Expect a flavour wow of singular notes (from poached pear to even gingerbread) that broaden the palette and express more memorably in the cup. Typically, the process produces a more complex acidity and a fruitier character without any funk. Oh. And it's deliciously good. 

Quick Notes

Farm: Fazenda da Serra
Producers: Danielle Fonseca
Region: South of Minas Gerais
Sub-region: Santana da Vargem
Process: Anaerobic Fermentation
Harvest: Manual fruit detaching
Post Harvesting Method: Natural separated via wet process
Post Harvest Process: Anaerobic fermentation, 72 hours in a sealed barrel
Drying Method: Sun-dried in a thick layer for 2 days – then spread into a thin layer

Altitude: 900 masl.
Varietals: Red Catuai & Mundo Novo
Screen Size: 15 up

Cupping Score: 85 (a score of 80 points or above on a 100-point scale is graded "specialty" coffee)

Cupping Notes

Caramel, green grape and floral. 

Recommended Roast: Our roast option for the Brazil Natural Anaerobic is Full City. The Full City profile develops a sweet sugar richness and a more mellow acidity. Clean in the cup with a silky body. This coffee can taste different with each brew (in the best way) - so much to discover and enjoy. 

About the Grower

The Brazil Natural Anaerobic is our new, fast favourite from Danielle Fonseca, who represents a special connection for us at Green Beanery. Danielle's sister is our former in-house beans expert, cupper and roaster, Priscila Fonseca, who currently lives and works in Canada helping to establish market access here for her family's farm and neighbouring growers. Granddaughter and coffee farmer's daughter, Danielle Fonseca started managing the family business with her father in 2016. When her parents moved to another city and Priscila moved to Canada, she took over management of the farm by herself. She works tirelessly to implement sustainable practices and to improve post-harvesting methods to ensure her coffee's special characteristics shine. Traceability of every step involved in harvesting is available for all lots produced by Fazenda da Serra.

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