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Roasted - Costa Rica Red Honey


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About the bean

Our new crop of red honey from Costa Rica couldn't get here soon enough!

Not only are honey coffees from Costa Rica offerings we look forward to year after year, our current batch of happiness in a cup is produced by the wonderful Aquiares farm nestled in the mountainous heart of the country. 

Enough good things cannot be said about Aquiares, which is known for its historic roots as a producer (dating back to 1890) and for its commitment to quality and to the quality of life of farm workers and the surrounding environment. Aquiares is Costa Rica's largest continuous farm and, thanks to visionary leadership and inclusive management, one of the country's trailblazers in sustainable agriculture and specialty coffee. Aquiares manages the entire enchilada, from seedling production to plant cultivation, harvesting and milling. All coffee here is picked by hand.

The taste of the past, present and future of one of the most beloved coffee regions in the world.


COUNTRY: Costa Rica
REGION: Turrialba
PRODUCER/COOPERATIVE/FARMER(S): Aquiares (recognized as a carbon neutral estate in September 2017)
VARIETAL(S): Esperanza
ALTITUDE: 820 - 1400 masl.
CERTIFICATIONS: Rainforest Alliance


A clean, complex and fancy coffee with a "so good" silky body that lifts the flavour balance, ensuring the offering's fruit notes remain in check. An excellent go-to for anyone aching to sample the honey method for the first time, or any time. Go here, folks! 

CUPPING NOTES: Red fruits, wine, jam, grapes and dark chocolate. Malic acidity and lingering aftertaste. 

ROAST RECOMMENDATION: Nicely flexible. We enjoyed this one as a V60 drip and French pressed brew. Absolutely delicious. Roast darker and the complexity will drop off but this one sustains a darker roast without becoming "burnt" or boring. For an explanation of our different roasts, see here:

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